Yukon’s Kevin James – OKC Baseball Coach Spotlight Presented By Oklahoma Educators Credit Union

By Derrick Smith

The job of coaching in high school is more than just teaching a sport to a group of students or helping them grow as athletes. It also comes with the responsibility of helping them grow as young men and women. Yukon head baseball coach, Kevin James, says that seeing what his athletes do after high school is what he enjoys about being a coach.

“I enjoy the kids in our program and seeing them grow as young men,” James said. “It is fun to coach them, but it is also fun to see what they do after they get out of school. I have also had several ladies that have been a part of our program as managers, it’s great to see what they become as well.”

Kevin is in his fifteenth year as head coach for the Millers’ baseball team but overall, he has coached thirty-one years. His other stops have been Minco, Sayre, and Plainview, where he also coached some football. He is married to his wife Tracy and they have two daughters, Kallie James and Kelsey Oliver, and a son-in-law Shane Oliver.

While there have been many coaches through James’ life, he says that there are three that have made a big impact on his life as a coach and as a person.

“My dad, Archie, was one of my first coaches,” Kevin said. “I learned my work ethic from him. Also, my high school head coach, Sonny Vermillion, taught me the love of the game. And, Larry Geurkink, who was my coach at Southwestern Oklahoma State University, taught me the fun of molding teams into what you want them to become.”

A successful coach is only as good as the support he has, and James says that he is thankful for all his support.

“You have to have great support,” he said. “I could not ask for a better family, I can always feel them behind me. I have also been blessed to work for great athletic departments.”