Tuttle Wrestling Q&A with State Champions Luke Surber, Ryder Ramsey & Colin Naney Presented By Eskridge Honda

VYPE: Each of you finished your careers as state champions, what was this season like for you personally?

Surber: This season has have been very difficult in the sense we had a lot of injuries including myself. I missed the first part of the season and we were not doing to well and it was just difficult not being able to help. But we starting making strides towards the end of season and finished the best we have ever done.
Ramsey: This season for me was a roller coaster ride of emotions of happiness and heartbreak, but I had a great season and I’m proud of myself.
Naney: This season meant a lot for me, not just for the quest for a state championship but also my last go-around wearing Tuttle across my chest and spending time with my teammates.

VYPE: Tuttle is known across the country as one of the great high school programs. You added to that legacy. Describe to me how that feels?
Surber: It’s very special because I have been around the program for most of my life and it means a lot to be a small part of the legacy.
Ramsey: I am still in shock with how well we did at the state tournament this year. Not so much disbelief, but the wow factor that we gave people to finish it off was just simply awesome!
Naney: Being able to be apart of the Tuttle legacy and also being able to contribute to some of the records we broke was just unbelievable.

VYPE: What drill do you hate most in practice and what drill do you love most in practice?
Surber: As you probably know wrestling is a tough sport and practices are probably the hardest of any sports because you try to drain yourself everyday. I really don’t hate any of the wrestling parts because I enjoy that but I don’t like conditioning .So the thing that I hate the most in conditioning is three-man rolls at the end of practice. My favorite in wresting is probably sparring because I feel that’s where you make the most gains.
Ramsey: I hate a slow drill, I like to be fast-paced and just flowing and getting in my groove.
Naney: The drill I would say I hate the most but also I think is the most important was stance and motion. It’s very repetitive but so important. What I love the most though had to have been when we go live together.

VYPE: How do you get yourself psychologically ready for a match?
Surber: I just try to stay calm and lose. And I just tell myself to give my best effort because you are prepared. And wrestle hard.
Ramsey: I try to dial in and focus but it’s really not until right before I shake hands with my opponent I jump and bring my knees to my chest and that pretty much flips the switch that it’s go time.
Naney: What I do to prepare for my match is simply just stay mentally ready and settle my nerves.

VYPE: Favorite road trip and why?
Surber: Probably when we went to California, because we had free time in the hotel and visiting the beach and just hanging out with the team. That’s what I’m going to miss the most.
Ramsey: Favorite road trip would be traveling to Kansas City for me, but favorite trip overall has to go to our California trips throughout high school. I loved California.
Naney: My favorite road trip was no doubt going to Chicago this year. I love traveling with my teammates, you never know what will happen when you’re with them.

VYPE: Let’s talk about those teammates of yours. Who has the worst ears? Who always goes hard in practice? Who do the underclassmen hate to work with? Who has the most fun regardless of the grind?
Surber: We honestly don’t have anyone with that bad of ears so maybe like Brady DeArmond or Dalton Burdick. I would say for the most part all our starters go really hard but a few that stand out are Ryder Ramsey, Reese Davis, Bryce Dauphin. I would say the underclassmen probably don’t like going with me or Harley Andrew the most just because we are so big.
Ramsey: Worst ears has to go to Brady DeArmond (laughs), Bryce Dauphin goes extremely hard in practice, most underclassmen avoid Gage Shetley, he’s very strong. I think Colin Naney has the most fun!
Naney: I’d say the worst ears would without a doubt would be Dustin Plott, who goes hard is Luke Surber. It was a privilege to be able to workout with a great wrestler like Luke. Some of the underclassmen despised going against Brady DeArmond. Brady is a tough and very good wrestler who only had one speed and it was live.

VYPE: Who is your favorite teacher at Tuttle High School?
Surber: Mrs. Alysworth.
Ramsey: My favorite teacher in school is my Spanish teacher Señora Overholt. I absolutely love her, she took me in this year and she’s truly a great teacher.
Naney: My favorite teacher would have to be my art teacher Mrs. Hardesty.

VYPE: What do you love most about Tuttle?
Surber: I love how everyone is so close and you know almost everyone in the school.
Ramsey: Definitely Señora Overholt!
Naney: What I love most about my school is no matter what is thrown at us, no matter how big or bad the problem, Tuttle always bounces back bigger and stronger.

VYPE: What’s next for each of you?
Surber: I’m headed to Oklahoma State in June to hopefully achieve my goals in wrestling and get a degree.
Ramsey: Get through this Virus and rough times and prepare to wrestle in college and make that transition.
Naney: What’s next for me is attending college after graduation. It is still unclear to me if I want to continue my athletic career.

VYPE: Should there be a tournament after state for all champions and runner-up’s regardless of class? Why?
Surber: Yes I think there should be. I love competing and I think it would show that Tuttle is just as dominant against other bigger school.
Ramsey: I do believe so, just so the states that don’t have classes couldn’t talk bad about states that do, we could solve it once and for all!
Naney: I think that a tournament of champions wouldn’t be a bad idea it honestly sounds like fun.