Tecumseh Softball’s Lauren Taylor – Athlete of the Month Presented by Citizen Potawatomi Nation

Fastpitch and slowpitch softball player Lauren Taylor is this month’s Potawatomi Athlete of the Month.

Only a sophomore, Taylor has enjoyed representing Tecumseh High School and the Citizen Potawatomi Nation on and off the field. Taylor is a member of the FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) and has tremendous pride in her tribe and what they do for the community.

“One thing I love most about Tecumseh is how the teachers and administration help guide you to be the best you can be not only for your future, but just for you. My favorite teacher would have to be Mary Keck, who also teaches my favorite subject, science,” said Taylor. “I do have a sense of pride being part of this tribe. I plan to represent my tribe in the future by continuing attending annual pow wows. As well as using all the tribe has offered to me as a way to give back for what has been given to me through my future in medicine.”

Citizen Potawatomi Nation has helped student-athletes like Taylor in their athletics ventures and with their education.

“To be apart of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation has been an honor. They have helped me succeed in sports and school. They have given me more chances to become the person I am today through simple acts of help and guidance. They have helped guide me to the level of education I am at today. I have them to thank for all the opportunities,” said Taylor. “The tribe has given me opportunities that I could not have without them. They have helped pay for school successes such as winning state rings. I also have been given a chance to join the Indian National Honor Society.”

Her plans after graduation include attending a university to further her education and working towards her goal of becoming a Neonatal Nurse.