Noble’s Tyler Smith – Baseball Spotlight Presented By Landers Auto Group

By Derrick Smith

Success is not something that every athlete is able to achieve. Some are not willing to put forth the effort required, while others may have an injury that curbs their career, and then there are a variety of reasons others may not.

Noble’s Tyler Smith says that he knows what it takes and it is the reason for his success.

“It takes a lot of hard work,” he said. “Also, the confidence that my coaches have shown in me have also played a big part.”

Smith is a senior at Noble High School. He plays pitcher and first base for the Bears’ baseball team. He began playing the sport about thirteen years ago and has loved the game since. He says that he loves baseball because no game is ever the same.

“There are such varying situations,” he stated. “Even the most routine plays are different almost every time you step on the field.”

While there have been a lot of people touch Tyler’s life throughout the years, he says there are two people that have made the biggest impact on him.

“My parents, Michael and Erin Smith, are my biggest role models,” he said. “They have shown me how to stay humble during the highs and the lows. This goes for both baseball and life in general.”

The memories that Tyler has made on the baseball field over the years are inumerable, but he says that one moment that took place in the playoffs stands out as his favorite.

“My best moment during my career happened during my sophomore year,” he said. “We were playing Bishop McGuinness in Regionals. I held them to one hit, it was a really great feeling.”