Lexington’s Coby Bear – Baseball Spotlight Presented By Landers Auto Group

By Derrick Smith

Athletes have different goals that they want to reach. The only goal for some is to win a championship, while others just want to see themselves continually get better on the field of play. Bettering themselves is something that Coby Bear says does not just come naturally.

“It takes more than just showing up and going through the motions,” Bear said. “It is a constant grind and you can never take a day off.”

Coby is a senior at Lexington High School, where he is a multi-sport athlete. He plays pitcher, shortstop, second base, and third base for the Bulldog’s baseball team. Bear began playing baseball at the age of six and has loved it since. Along with baseball, he also plays basketball and football.

Carl and Shelly Bear, Coby’s parents, have played a big role in his life, helping him become the person he is today.

“Definitely my biggest role models are my parents,” he said. “They support me in any decision that I make and have always been there for me. Also, my head baseball coach Jarod Ennis is a great mentor and has been nothing but a great teacher in my life.”

Bear says that coach Ennis has taught him so much about the game of baseball and life.

“He has worked with me since my freshman year,” he said. “He has taught me almost everything I know, both on and off the field. He has taught me many life skills.”

He has made a lot of great memories on the baseball field, but Coby has a hard time when it comes to choosing his favorite one.

“It is really tough to come up with one favorite moment,” he said. “I just enjoy going out there and playing the game I love with my brothers.”