Piedmont’s Jared Gay – Baseball Spotlight Presented By Iron Nation Harley-Davidson

By Derrick Smith

Most high school athletes love the game or games that they play. Some of these athletes receive awards based, not only on their game play, but also on their ability to be a good teammate. Jared Gay says that his biggest honor while playing baseball has been to represent his team.

“I think the highlight of my career was being selected to pitch at the Oklahoma State Games,” he said. “I have been able to pitch in that game the last two years, and it is a huge honor that I was selected to represent Piedmont from such a competitive pool of athletes.”

Jared is a senior pitcher and first baseman at Piedmont High School. He has played the game for over ten years.

While there have been a lot of people that he could look up to as role models, Gay says that the two people he looks up to the most are his parents.

“They have taught and shown me how to be a good person and what it takes to be a good baseball player.”

His favorite teacher has helped Jared look at the game of baseball a little differently.

“My favorite teacher has been Coach Bronkey,” Gay said. “He has taught me a lot about the physical and mental sides of baseball. Something he taught me is to not think about mechanics in the game, but focus on competing.”

The success that Jared has enjoyed has not been something that he stumbled upon. It is because of the work and effort that he has put in.

“Time is one of the most important keys to success,” he said. “I think that is the most important thing that must be put into doing anything. Not only does it help with actually developing skill, but it helps you feel more prepared and you earned your success.”

Along with athletics, Gay is also a member of the National Honor Society and Duck Week.

“Duck Week stands for Doing Unselfish Charity for Kids. This is wear we raise money for people within our community that need it.”