Shawnee’s Jenny Jasper – Leadership Spotlight Presented By Southern Nazarene University

The Shawnee Public School system and its students are lucky to have someone like Jenny Jasper working for them behind the scenes. Jasper, also a student enrolled in the Southern Nazarene University Leadership program, works as a district curriculum coordinator. “I do curriculum mapping and instructional coaching for all subject areas and grade levels throughout the district. I am also the district gifted and talented coordinator and I help plan and lead professional development for various subject areas and grade levels. In addition, I write grants for the district. We received over $400,000 in grants last year,” said Jasper.

As a student at SNU, Jasper is following in her mother’s footsteps. “I have received both my Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and Spanish and my Master’s of Arts in Educational Leadership degree from Southern Nazarene University. Currently, I am a student in Southern Nazarene University’s first Doctor of Education in Administration and Leadership cohort called DEAL 1. It has been important to obtain my degree from SNU, first because it is a family legacy. My mom graduated from SNU and has been a dedicated supporter of SNU all of my life. I grew up at SNU and it is home to me.  Second, and most importantly, my professors at SNU are a part of my family,” said Jasper. “They have invested in me and I have watched and learned by their example how to be a leader. Dr. Stephoni Case and Patti Milford have been cheerleaders for my success and have believed in me every step of the way. Also, professors like Dr. Kent Shellenberger, Dr. Julie Miller, Dr. Ellen McCoy, Dr. Mary Hitchcock, Dr. April Grace, Dr. Anne Ghostbear, Dr. Teresa Wilkerson, Dr. Becky Slothower, Dr. Shawna Richardson, Dr. Tim Taylor and so many more have been with me and molded me into the educator that I am today. I would be amiss if I did not tell the truth and say that there is no better faculty and staff in the world as good as the one in SNU’s education department. They bring so much joy and faith to every student that they meet. They have prayed over me and guided me daily. In summary, the reason it is so important to get your education degree from SNU is because you cannot find better teachers or leaders anywhere else. They are irreplaceable and the work that they do cannot be replicated anywhere.”

The programs flexibility allows Jasper to work a full time job while working on her doctorate. Learning the different leadership styles through this program is one of many things Jasper has enjoyed about the course. This program will open many doors for her in the future. “This program will provide me with the skills that I need for a variety of professional career options. A Doctor of Education degree in Administration and Leadership will allow me to become an assistant superintendent or superintendent of a school district. It will also give me the background that I need to be a professor, program manager, chief academic officer or really anything in education administration in higher education,” said Jasper. “I would advise people to pray about it and discuss it with their family. Also, I tell educators every day that SNU is the place for everyone who wants to get a good education and further their career. If you are nervous about making it work with your schedule or workload, DON’T BE! You can do it, just take one step forward and then take another step, and another and another and before you know it you will be walking across the stage and Dr. Case will be putting your hood on you at graduation. That accomplishment is one of the best feelings in the world and you do not want to miss it.”