Bishop McGuinness’ John Hamilton – Sport Management Spotlight Presented By Southern Nazarene University

Southern Nazarene University offers one of the best masters courses in the country, which is why Bishop McGuinness Athletic Director John Hamilton decided to continue his education in the SNU Sports Management Program.

“The schedule fits well with my professional schedule and the course work is exactly what I am using in my role as a high school AD and exactly what I am looking to learn more about,” said Hamilton.

Also serving as the schools track and cross country coach, Hamilton has a packed schedule and finding something that fit into that schedule was important.

“Wednesday nights are usually free of high school sports and the rest of the work is done online whenever you choose,” said Hamilton.

There are several things Hamilton finds enjoyable about the course. From his classmates and professors being “professional, intelligent and fun,” to how much he looks forward to class each week.

“One thing about the course that surprised me was how much I look forward to my Wednesday night classes and the summer internship trip,” said Hamilton.

The Sports Management course is designed to help educators like Hamilton advance in his profession while making important connections and networking with others in the same field.

“It will give me the experience and degree that my school and position deserve,” said Hamilton.

His advice to other educators and coaches looking to advance theirs careers is, “do it!”

“It’s just about getting started and getting back into a routine of researching and writing for regular assignments,” Hamilton said.