Tuttle’s Hadley Periman – Character Counts Presented By Eskridge Honda

By Ember McElrath

Sophomore basketball player at Tuttle High School, Hadley Periman, has played the sport since she was in the second grade. Hadley currently holds the position of power forward for her team. She is also a member of the school’s softball and track teams as well. Sports always seemed to be in the cards for this young athlete as most of her family either played or currently plays a sport. Both of her parents were good athletes, “so sports are a big deal,” said Hadley. This sophomore stays on track and motivated by wanting to prove the people who doubt her wrong. 

“My favorite part of basketball is the friends I make and the experiences that I am blessed with,” Hadley said. 

For Hadley learning to fight through the tough times is something that she is working hard at. 

“The hardest part of basketball for me is staying positive at all times,” said the sophomore.

Knowing that basketball has helped her physically and could help her one day get into school she has learned many things outside of that as well. 

“Basketball will help me out of school, because it teaches me patience and determination,” said Periman. 

If she isn’t on the basketball court or at the gym you will probably catch her spending time with her family. 

Even with graduation a few years away Hadley is always looking forward. After she graduates she plans to attend college, hopefully on a basketball scholarship, and study to go into the medical field.