Westmoore’s Ty Genzer: Spotlight Presented By Landers of Norman

By Derrick Smith

Ty Genzer is a senior at Westmoore High School. He wrestles at 106 pounds and has been wrestling since the fifth grade. He says that it was just something he tried and the rest is history.

“I remember watching wrestling when I was little and thinking it looked really cool,” he said. “I ended up trying it and loving it. I enjoy how intense it gets at times and how my coaches are always pushing me to be the best wrestler I can be.”

There have been a lot of people that have affected Ty’s life, but there is one group that he says has always been there for him.

“My family is my biggest influences,” he said. “They always support me in wrestling and also in anything else I do.”

Genzer says that his wrestling coaches have helped him become the person he is today.

“They always make sure that I am putting in my time and working my hardest,” he said. “I would not be the wrestler I am today without their guidance.”

The balance of school and athletics can be tough at times, but high school athletes know that they have to keep their grades up in order to stay eligible. Ty says that one of his teachers, Mr. Miller, makes the classroom fun while still learning.

“He is funny and makes us laugh,” he said. “But we still learn a lot about the history of America.”

While he has been wrestling since he was in elementary school, Genzer says that his favorite wrestling moment came when he was in high school.

“My top moment would have to be my first match as a varsity wrestler,” Ty said. “It felt really great to be out there and wrestle at that level.”

Outside of school and wrestling, Ty like to play Spikeball and Super Smash with his friends.