Westmoore’s Ryley Bowden: Fall Sports MVP Presented By Landers of Norman

By Derrick Smith

No matter what sport you are a part of, there is always room for improvement. Whether it is working on your shooting on the basketball court, trying to raise your batting average in softball, or getting a better swing on the golf course, all athletes have room to grow. Growing and improving her game is something that Ryley Bowden says has been key to getting where she is today.

“It has taken a lot of hard work and dedication,” she said. “I put a lot of time into volleyball. I take private lessons outside of practice and I also watch tape and college games.”

Bowden is a sophomore at Westmoore High School. Along with playing indoor volleyball, Ryley also plays sand volleyball.

Westmoore head volleyball coach, Kacia Sandburg, says that Ryley is a crucial asset to the team.

“Ryley has played any position that we have needed her to,” she said. “She has a great knowledge of the game and has kept a positive attitude throughout the season.”

Ryley says that one teammate who she played with made the biggest impact on her life.

“One of my biggest role models is Alyssa Bert,” she stated. “Alyssa played for Westmore last year and is now at CSU. She was very welcoming and always had a great attitude when playing. Alyssa is a very consistent player and always gives effort no matter who is winning or losing.”