Midwest City’s Bryanna Williams: Spotlight Presented By Harley Davidson World

By Derrick Smith / Photo by Stephen Toney Photography

Role models can play a big role in the life of a high school student-athlete. It could be someone they are close to, like a family member or a teacher, or it could be someone that they have never met before, such as a professional athlete.

Bryanna Williams has two people that have greatly impacted her life that she is very close to.

“My parents, Bryan and Wendy Williams are the people I look up to the most,” she said. “They are hard working people and they never give up no matter what the circumstances are.”

A sophomore at Midwest City High School, Williams is a shooting guard and point guard on the basketball team. She began playing basketball about ten year ago.

Being successful in basketball, just like any other sport requires a lot of work. But Bryanna says that there is another thing that she sees as a key.

“It also takes a lot of sacrifices,” she said. “You have to miss out on some thing that you would enjoy doing, but it will be worth it in the end.”

Another thing she enjoys about the game is being able to block out everything else that is going on and just play basketball.

“Basketball is a stress relief,” she said. “No matter what’s going on, I can run to basketball and everything goes away all my problems are solved.”

Williams has sat in many classrooms during her education, but there is one teacher that has made a big impact on her life.

“Mrs. Aska taught me sixth grade language arts,” she said. “She was more than a teacher, she was a mentor and counselor. She believed in me and is always there for me.”

Along with athletics, Bryanna is also a part of the National Honor Society, Interact Club, and an AKA sorority club.