Lexington’s Amanda Graddy: Basketball Spotlight Presented By Landers of Norman

By Derrick Smith

When an athlete prepares for a season, they hope that everything will go the way they have worked for it to. But that is not always the case, there may be bumps in the road along the way, injuries, sickness, having a bad game occasionally, among others.

Amanda Graddy says that even when those unexpected things happen, you have to be prepared to work through them.

“For me to get where I am today, it has taken faith, determination, the drive to overcome adversity, and the will to never quit,” she said.

Graddy is a senior at Lexington High School, where she is a member of the basketball, fastpitch softball, and slowpitch softball teams. She plays point guard for the basketball team and she plays a different position on each softball team. On fastpitch, she plays second base, while she plays pitcher on slowpitch.

There are a couple of people that have made an impact on Amanda’s life athletically.

“My first coach, Heather Graham, was my biggest role model,” she said. “She instilled in me the hear and drive to be the best player I could be. The other would be Danielle Robinson of the University of Oklahoma women’s basketball team.”

Throughout her education, Graddy says that she has had a lot of teachers that have made impacts on her life, so much so that she cannot pick a favorite.

“I can’t pick just one teacher,” she said. “I have been blessed with so many good teachers that have given me so much throughout my life, it would not be fair to say I had a favorite.”

Along with athletics, Amanda is also a member of the National Honor Society and the Student Council. She has some words of advice for anyone that is having a tough time, words that have helped her through many situations.

“Hard work pays off,” she said. “Don’t quit because you are not the best or the tallest. Keep fighting.”