Harrah’s Kylie Catton: Athlete Spotlight Presented By BancFirst

The Harrah High School swim team features one of their top student-athletes in Kylie Catton. Catton has been involved in swimming for nearly five years and she loves being a part of the team. “The major aspect of swimming that I love is that it gave my life a purpose and direction. Growing up, all of my friends had their hobbies or their sports that they loved and were dedicated to, but I never had the opportunity to have that until swimming came into my life,” said Catton. “I also love that it teaches me how to continuously reevaluate myself, set goals, and work towards those goals which are things that can help me in all situations of life. I ran varsity cross country for the first time this year and made it to the State Championships. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience as it was different from what I was familiar with, but my heart definitely belongs to swimming.”

Her teammates are some of her closest friends. “What I love most about my team is no matter what previous fights we’ve been in, how many morning practices we’ve bickered at, or how many times we’ve screamed at each other trying to help get into our racing suits, we’re always there for each other in the face of adversity,” said Catton. “Never do any of us go into a race alone. The entire team swims my races with me; they feel the emotions I feel when I get a new personal record or miss a cut by 0.01. The unspoken bond that is there during those victorious smiles or angered tears is truly what I love most.”

Catton is also involved in FCA, Leo Club and NHS. Academics have always been the main focus for Catton. “Academics hold immense importance to me, and my coaches consistently preach the phrase, “Academics before athletics.” We’re constantly being urged to take AP classes, concurrent classes, and work our brains as much as our bodies. After I graduate high school, I will be furthering my academic and swimming career at Oklahoma Baptist University where I’ll major in English and partake in community and missionary work. My minor is yet to be decided, but I know God will lead me where I am needed,” said Catton.

Catton said her life has been influenced by many people. “God, my parents, my closest teammate Jason Schroeder, and my swim coaches Keven Catton, Johnny Hunter, Guy Worth, Gwena Dixon, and the late Samuel Freas have taught me lifelong lessons of self discipline, work ethic, humility, and love. Each person has had a vital role in teaching me about myself, about others, and about the world. I wouldn’t be half of the person or athlete I am today if it weren’t for such influences. I am forever grateful.”