Harrah’s Hunter Mauldin: Athlete Spotlight Presented By BancFirst

Harrah High School varsity wrestler Hunter Mauldin has spent the last six years honing his craft on the mat. The three-sport athlete is excited to see how far his team can go this season. “You can expect us to go out and give 100 percent every time we’re on the mat,” said Mauldin.

This season, Mauldin is wrestling at a new weight and is looking forward to the challenge that brings. “I’m wrestling at 182 pounds,” said Mauldin. “I also run cross country and play soccer in the spring.”

Academics are also on the top of the list for Mauldin. Making good grades and pushing himself in the classroom is something he’s always done as a student-athlete. “Academics are very important to me, they are the key to success in many aspects of life,” said Mauldin.

Mauldin also attends vocational school and is a member of the Iguana/Student Council. As a member of the wrestling team, Mauldin loves the comradery of his teammates and how they push each other to get better. “I love how supporting and fun my teammates are to be around. I always know they have my back,” said Mauldin.

Support at home and in the community is high for Mauldin and his teammates. “My mom and dad have been a big influence to me on and off the mat. They encourage me to keep working hard in everything I do in my life,” said Mauldin. “The community always supports the wrestling team.”