Bethel’s Jordan Blair: Wrestling Spotlight Presented By Harley-Davidson World

By Derrick Smith

Wrestling is a sport that is largely considered to be male-dominated. But over the past several years, there has been a rise in the number of girls joining high school wrestling teams. One of those young ladies, Jordan Blair, wants to be an example to younger girls.

“Being a girl in a male dominated sport, I want to teach other girls that they can achieve success in any area of their life,” she said. “They just have to want it bad enough and believe that they can achieve it.”

Blair is a sophomore at Bethel High School, where she wrestles at 106 pounds. She began wrestling about five years ago and loves it. She is also a member of the Steadfast Wrestling Club and Outlaw Lady Wrestling, where she learns from some of the best coaches in the state.

Though she has had a lot of people impact her life, Jordan says that there are two people that have been the biggest influences.

“My parents are my biggest role models,” she said. “They taught me what it means to never give up due to disadvantages. They also taught me the strong work ethic that I have.”

Her favorite teacher is also her wrestling coach, Jason McPhail. Blair says that it is great having him in her corner.

“Coach has taught me what it means to believe in myself when the cards are stacked against me,” Jordan stated. “He has also taught me that no matter what others think about me what truly matters is what I believe and know about myself and most importantly what it means to be a humble champion and to give back.”

The best moment that Blair has experienced involves McPhail and the time he surprised her.

“I was wrestling for a state title,” she said. “I knew my coach couldn’t be there because he was coaching at the boys state event on the same day. I turned around and saw him really shocked me. He made the drive after his event to come and surprise me and support me.”