Guthrie’s Braydin Russel: Basketball Spotlight Presented By BancFirst Guthrie

The game of basketball can be intimidating for younger players, unless you’re Braydin Russell of Guthrie High School. The freshman has caught fire this season and is contributing to the varsity team every time she steps onto the floor. Already a 13-year veteran of the game, Russell loves her team and the passion they bring to the court. “We have the passion and fire to win. We do the little things. Stay late and shoot. Workout together. Stuff like that. You can expect 32 minutes of a dog fight,” said Russell. “I’m trusted to have the freedom to make on the fly decisions. I feel like I can make my teammates better when the ball is in my hands.”

Also a cross country and track athlete, Russell plans to join the photography club after basketball season. Her academics come before sports or clubs according to Russell. “Academics are of most important to me. After I graduate, I want to attend Yale University, go to medical school, then become an OBGYN,” said Russell.

Staying on top of her game is something Russell is always focused on. With the help of her father, Russell is keeping track of her workouts and is always looking to get a few shots up. “I enjoy technology and shooting a basketball. We bought a Shottracker three years ago. With it, I am 254,803 of 445,704 shots. It’s like a daily journal for me. It’s fun for me to keep track of what I’m doing daily in the gym and it’s always with me in my phone, in fact, I gotta go get some shots up right now! See ya!”

One thing is certain, Russell will bring energy and her work ethic to the court every night for Guthrie High School.