Edmond North’s Graycen Holden: Edmond Area Basketball Spotlight Presented By Iron Nation Harley Davidson Edmond

By Derrick Smith

One thing that separates the good athletes from the great athletes is that the great athletes are never satisfied with being just good enough. They know they can always improve and get better and they will always work to do so.

Graycen Holden says that a lot of the reason she is the athlete she is today is because of all the work she has put in over the years.

“My sport has taken a lot of mental toughness and grit throughout the years,” she said. “It took a lot of hard work freshman year to become the player I was, and a lot more work to continue getting to the place I’m at.”

A senior at Edmond North High School, Holden plays center and power forward for the Lady Huskies basketball team. She says that she had an early start at basketball.

“My parents started me at the YMCA as young as you can, so I think I have been playing for about twelve years.”

There are a couple of people that Holden says have served as role models in her life.

“Kamri Heath played at Edmond North with me and now she is playing at Air Force,” she said. “When I was a freshman I followed her lead and we became best friends on and off the court, and I knew I wanted to work hard and go play college ball too. Another one of my role models is my brother, Braxton. Over the years he has shown me what to do and what not to do, and has been one of my biggest supporters.”

She has enjoyed many great moments throughout her time playing sports, but there is one personal moment that stands out as Graycen’s favorite.
“Currently, the best moment has been when I committed to play at Central Missouri,” she said. “The feeling of excitement and relief was unlike any I had felt before. I’m hoping there will be many more moments like that to follow.

Other than basketball, Holden is also a member of the National Honor Society, Key Club, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and Class Officer.