Edmond North’s Dalante Shannon: Edmond Area Basketball Spotlight Presented By Alert Driving School

By Travis Sloat

Dalante Shannon is a typical teenager in most respects. He enjoys sleeping, eating, and hanging out with friends and his girlfriend in his off time. His favorite school subject is English.

However, when Shannon steps onto the basketball court as a point guard for the Edmond North Huskies, he transforms into a leader.

“I know we work best moving the ball and getting open shots,” Shannon said. “So I know that I need to get the momentum going. The role is very important to me because it is big for our style of play. Some of my personal goals this year are to showcase my skills as a point guard and get my team involved. As a team, we want to play every game like it’s the state championship.”

The 16-year-old junior is a straight-A student who started playing basketball at four years old.

“I started off in football,” he said. “Once I started basketball, I felt happier and started to fall in love with the game. As I’ve kept playing, it’s helped me make the connections with friends and people I call family.”

Shannon lists his basketball influence as Russell Westbrook, and his academic influence as his mother.

“She’s always raised us to be great in the classroom,” he said. “And I know she has high expectations for me.”

Shannon hopes to receive scholarship offers for college basketball, and further his interests in physical therapy. He said his unique character is what makes him who he is.

“Having character is important to me,” he said. “It makes life more fun.”