Destiny Christian’s Jamie Pablo: Management Spotlight Presented By Southern Nazarene University

Current assistant football coach at Destiny Christian High School, Jamie Pablo, also attended Southern Nazarene University taking the Sports Management program. The running back and linebacker coach also assists with a friend’s soccer team at the local YMCA. Coach Pablo is a very active individual, but he finds time to continue his education with SNU.

“I went to SNU because they offered the program in Sports Management but also because God open this door for me. The reason I believe that is because I met the head coach for Destiny there, which led to me becoming an assistant coach,” said Pablo.

One aspect of the course Pablo enjoyed the most were the professors and the staff at SNU.

“The people I have met as well as how great the professors are was what I enjoyed the most. The program staff helped me both with my school life but also my personal life. I am thankful for everyone that I have met through my time at SNU,” said Pablo.

Being a coach and educator was always a goal of Pablo’s. Mentoring and helping others reach their goals is one trait Pablo brings to the classroom and the field.

“I actually have always wanted to coach or mentor people so they can further their education. I did this while in the military. The movie Coach Carter is the one that really motivated me and showed me one idea that could help me help mentor students,” said Pablo.

Networking is a theme when you speak to teachers who have been part of this program at SNU.

“You are able to network and have the opportunity to open new doors that could help with your career. Furthering my education is giving me the tools not only to help me with sports but also at my current job in order to develop new ways for employee development,” said Pablo.

He highly recommends the Sports Management program at SNU to anyone looking to further their careers and gain a wealth of knowledge.

“I would recommend this program to everyone so they can further their education as well as to give them the opportunity to gain the tools for a great future in the sports world. This program not only helps with sports but also with your current job because you find ways to be a team player and to bring people together in order to accomplish the same goal for the success of the company or for the ultimate goal of a team,” said Pablo.