Choctaw’s Aiden Hoover: Athlete Spotlight Presented By BancFirst

Some people perform their best when competing face to face against a single opponent. That isn’t the case for Choctaw cross country runner Aiden Hoover.

“Being able to go out and compete against 100 people or more gets me excited,” Hoover said. “I love the environment and the competition.”
The benefits of XC don’t stop there, according to the Yellowjacket sophomore.

“I also really feel cross country can change a person in quite a bit of ways,” he said. “Like being mentally tough and not giving up at a difficult point in the race. I truly enjoy everything about it.”

Hoover’s most recent 5K was run with a 17:03 pace, something he said he wants to shave some seconds from. In order to stay in shape for the next XC season, he’s participating in track.

“I want to become a better athlete this (track) season,” Hoover said. “I am looking for some big PRs. I see so much potential for our team. We are some young, talented runners and I feel like we are going to win quite a bit of meets this year. Our goal as a team is to get better every single day.”
Hoover said he likes to help out by trying to lead his teams when he can.

“It takes great character to lead a team and help push your teammates every day to make sure they don’t give up,” he said. “It also shows the coaches how much you care about your sport and how serious you are.”

When he’s not running, Hoover said he likes to rest and relax, but most days he prefers to just, “put miles on my legs.”