Yukon’s Lindi Gomez: Mom of the Month – Presented by Dr. Ashley Cochran, INTEGRIS Family Care Surrey Hills

The Yukon Mom of the Month is Lindi Gomez, the baseball mom at Yukon. Gomez is currently the President of the Yukon Homerun Club, which is the booster club for Millers baseball. Her oldest son Mason McIntyre is a senior on the team.

Gomez is a single mom of three boys with a full-time job and still manages to make time for volunteering at Yukon events.

“It’s something I just make time for because It makes me happy,” said Gomez, “there’s many nights where I go straight from work to the activities like working in the concession stand. Over the years my boys have also always tagged along and just help here and there.”

Gomez has been involved with her boy’s activities since her oldest was playing tee-ball.

“I’ve always tried to be involved in their extracurricular activities since they were little going back to Mason being in tee-ball. When he started playing baseball in seventh grade at Yukon I just got involved, Ultimately, I just hope that this will set a good example for them when they get older.” said Gomez.

Over the years she’s planned parties for their classrooms, has helped coaches as a manager, always does things for their teachers during teacher appreciation week to say thank you to their teachers.

“I was shocked to be recognized,” said Gomez, “honestly thought it was fake at first, but it just makes me happy and proud and I hope whoever sees this it helps people see how rewarding giving back can be.”