Yukon’s Barbara Tilley: Mom of the Month – Presented by Dr. Brian Thatcher, INTEGRIS Family Care Yukon

By Derrick Smith

As a parent of athletes, you wear many different hats. You are the person that transports them to practices and games, you try to be at all the games to cheer them on and show them support, you are there when they have a bad game, and those are just a few.

No stranger to being a parents of athletes, Barbara Tilley is the mother of five. Four of her children a high school or middle school athletes. Victoria Tilley is a junior at the University of Central Oklahoma. She played basketball when she was in high school. Wallace Tilley IV is a senior at Yukon and a varsity wrestler. Alivia Tilley, a sophomore at Yukon, plays basketball. Gabrielle Tilley is in the eighth grade. She plays school basketball and also is a member of Swish, a competitive basketball team outside of school. Courtney Tilley is in sixth grade at Yukon and plays softball.

With four athletes in the family, it can cause a tough schedule for Tilley and her husband. But she says that being there for their kids is their number on priority.

“I try to attend every event that they participate in,” she said. “Sometimes that may require me to leave from one gym where I watched basketball and go to another to watch wrestling. On weekends I may have to toggle between basketball and softball. Wherever they are I try my very best to be there to support them. I never want them to not have someone there to support them. When their events do overlap I will attend one and my husband will attend another.”

Barbara says that she likes for her kids to be involved in sports, as she sees it as something that will be a benefit for their future.

“Athletics is an avenue that teaches so many life lessons that I feel like they are constantly being prepared for their future,” she said. “It teaches them good work ethics, sacrifice and reward, to think of others, how to build relationships, how to be humble, how to win and unfortunately sometimes accepting defeat. Yes, there are many sacrifices that I make as a parent to ensure that they are at practices, trainings, and games but it is about their development as a player and more importantly a person.”