Santa Fe South’s Cecy Morris: Mom of the Month – Presented by Dr. Carl Nyberg, INTEGRIS Family Care Southwest

By Derrick Smith

Parents enjoy knowing that their children are attending a school that cares about them and takes care of them. A place where they get a great education, have the opportunity to become involved in athletics, and also welcome parental involvement. Cecy Morris says her kids attend the perfect school for them.

“I love Santa Fe South,” she said. “They care a lot for my child’s education. They love when the parents are involved and volunteer in different activities. Parents are always welcome in that school. Is a great school.”

The mother of three, Morris is very proud of her kids. They are Jonathan, Christian, and Rachel. Jonathan is eighteen years old and a junior at Epic Charter High School. Christian, who is fifteen years old, also attends Epic Charter School and is a sophomore. He plays baseball. And Rachel, a thirteen year old seventh grader, attends Santa Fe South Middle School. She is a member of the softball team.

Cecy works for Smart Start in Schools at Mark Twain Elementary. She is the Parent Liaison. When she is not working, she loves spending time with her family.

It is important to Morris to be involved in her children’s lives, including their athletic careers.

“I stay involved in my kids’ athletics by having great communication with their coaches,” she said. “I always know what is going on by talking to them. I also make sure my kids are at  practice and most of the games. That is important for them, so it is important for me and my husband. I volunteer to bring snacks and water. The most important thing is that I am there for my kids, and I can help in wherever they need me to help with.”

She says that her kids being involved in athletics is important to her because it helps them take care of themselves.

“It is important to me because it is important to them,” she stated. “I am all  for developing a healthy lifestyle. Kids needs to be active and develop good habits. Sports also teach them to be responsible.”