Mustang’s Robyn Keele: Mom of the Month – Presented by Dr. P. Scott Williams, INTEGRIS Family Care Mustang

Mom and volunteer for the Mustang girl’s basketball team, Robyn Keele, has been with the team for right around a year now as the booster club’s president. Robyn was very humbled and thankful to hear that she was nominated for Mustang Mom of the Month. “Just doing what God called me to do is serve others,” Robyn said.

This is not Robyn first rodeo when it comes to volunteer work. She has also been a volunteer for her daughter’s softball teams and her son’s baseball team, as the role of team mom and scorekeeper for several years. You will also catch her volunteering at her church anywhere from teaching bible classes to helping with their youth activities.

Not only does Robyn help out with kids as a volunteer, but she is also a dedicated special education teacher.

Robyn has grown up with a serving mentality. “I grew up watching my parents serving others by volunteering for different activities we were involved in. Seeing my parents model that, I just jumped in when someone says that they need help with things and get the job done,” Robyn said.

For this mom, volunteer, and teacher, she truly just loves to serve others. “I love serving others. Knowing that what I do benefits kids is the best reward,” said Robyn.

Being a busy mom can be difficult at times, but knowing what keeps you motivated is key. Robyn says her motivation comes from her, “amazing kids and family”.

Robyn has three wonderful children, Hannah, who is sixteen and a sophomore, Johah who is in eighth grade and fourteen, and Abigail who is eleven and in the sixth grade.