Millwood’s Michael Jeffries: OKC Area Boys Basketball Coach Spotlight – Presented by Oklahoma Educators Credit Union

By Derrick Smith

Coaches each have their own style of teaching and leading their players, no matter what sport they are coaching. But no matter the style, every coach who steps on the sideline has a similar desire and that is to be successful. Michael Jeffries is no different. Entering his fourth season at the helm of the Millwood boys basketball team, Jeffries says that in order for his team to be successful, he has to do things the right way. 

“I believe staying consistent in what you do and being able to motivate your players and have them trust and buy in to what you are doing,” he said. “If your players trust and believe in what you are doing it is hard not to be successful.”

Jeffries has always been a fan of basketball and he tried his hand at coaching at an early age.

“I always knew I wanted to be around the game of basketball in some form throughout life,” Jeffries said. “I got an opportunity to coach with my father at an early age with an organization he and some of his colleagues started up to help our inner city schools and it has been non-stop for me since then.”

OECU Assistant Branch Manager Gary Brown (right) congratulates Coach Jeffries (left)

Coaching is in Jeffries’ blood, but he says that what he enjoys most about coaching is being a role model and example for his players. 

“I enjoy being able to share my knowledge and fundamentals of the greatest game on earth,” he said. “Also to help my players understand how this game can prepare them for life.  I am a firm believer that most of us coaches teach our players the concept of being a team player and what it takes to be disciplined, punctual and whatever else it takes to succeed in life through sports.”

Michael’s parents have greatly influenced his life, both on and off the court. 

“My parents are definitely my biggest influences and role models,” he stated. “They both had their ways of showing me different aspects of life and I am extremely grateful for their guidance.  I have also had principals, teachers, and other coaches who have helped mold me to be the man and coach that I continue to strive to be.”