Edmond Santa Fe’s Estoria Christopher – Oklahoma Army National Guard Spotlight

Edmond Santa Fe High School senior Estoria Christopher understands what it means to commit to something. Over the summer, Christopher committed to the Oklahoma Army National Guard by completing basic training. She returned home on September 5tha new person.

“What made me to decide to join the National Guard was that I have always wanted to join the Army because I love helping people and want to fight for our countries freedom and keep them safe as best as I can,” said Christopher.

Despite her family not having a history of military service, Christopher felt the calling to serve her country.

“I am the only girl in my family and out of three brothers and I am the youngest,” she said.

At Edmond Santa Fe High School, Christopher is a member of the track team and her running ability helped her in basic training. Up next is her AIT school for the Guard.

“I had to come back and finish school and then this summer I will go to AIT,” Christopher said. “I am a Cannon Crewmember working with field artillery.”

After AIT school, Christopher will begin her college career in-state thanks to the Oklahoma National Guard.

“I will be attending my freshman year of college at University of Central Oklahoma in the fall,” said Christopher. “I joined the Army Guard instead of active duty because it is an opportunity for me to get my college education finished faster.”

Christopher said the recruiting process was good for her and she offers this advice to anyone considering the Oklahoma National Guard.

“I would tell other students who are thinking about joining to join. It doesn’t have to be right now but I would recommend it. The Army National Guard is very beneficial to my life and is the best decision I have ever made.”