Yukon’s Lane Parks – Canadian Valley Technology Center Athlete of the Month

By Ember McElrath

Yukon High School sophomore and Canadian Valley Technology Center student Lane Parks is “just a regular kid with big hopes and aspiration,” modestly put by Lane himself. Lane talks modestly about himself, but he does believe that there is a time and place to be confident.

“I’m pretty cocky but I believe that’s what I need to help me succeed,” said Lane. Lane is a busy student and athlete. He competes for his high school football and wrestling teams. “I spend my entire life with either sports or school, it’s pretty much a full time job,” Lane said.

Lane attends Canadian Valley Technology Center and participates in their biomedical science program. He hopes to one day become a doctor. Although he is unsure if what he would like to specialize in right now, Lane is just happy to be receiving some great education.

“It’s a great program that gives you a very hands on experience and teaches you quite a bit about the medical field,” said Lane.

Growing up in a football family his entire life, Lane got involved playing the sport when he was just six years old. Along with wrestling, Lane really enjoys the physical nature of the sports he plays, stating that his favorite part of football is “straight up mauling people.” His most memorable part of football this year was overcoming an obstacle nobody thought they could.

“Beating Edmond Santa Fe in a game that we weren’t supposed to win,” Lane said.

This year Lane is looking forward to learning as much as he possibly can while working hard in hopes of earning all A’s this school year.

After high school Lane would like to attend college and play football for the school, while entering into their medical program.