Deer Creek’s Stephanie Anderson: Mom of the Month – Presented by Dr. Louise Vo, INTEGRIS Family Care Memorial West

Stephanie Anderson said her family is no stranger to settling things on the basketball court.

“We are a basketball family,” Anderson said. “My husband, myself, and our oldest, Taylor, have all played. We have played our share of pickup games. The last time we played together, the parents kicked the kids’ butts, so I don’t think they want to play us again.”

Anderson, who has two more children in Deer Creek Schools: Allyona and Pierson, is a full time worker who said she grew up as a military brat that moved around a lot.

“I love the fact that my kids have had the opportunity to grow up and play with some of the same kiddos since they were young, and built those relationships,” she said.

“Which in turn means we have built this great community where all of these children have an amazing support group and cheering squad. I have not only had the chance to watch my own kids grown, but those other kids as well.”

Anderson, who is the Vype Mom of the Month for Deer Creek, said she has had the opportunity to coach Allyona as well.

“I have had some time with her on the court,” Anderson said. “I can honestly say that while it would be amazing to play with the group of girls we have on the team, not just Ally, I enjoy watching her play and being the support she needs from the stands. While I am extremely proud of her each time she sets foot on the floor and plays hard, I am also extremely proud of the teammate she is.”