Destiny Christian’s Joseph Biddle – Southern Nazarene University Leadership Spotlight

By Braxton Scott

Joseph Biddle, a teacher and high school football coach at Destiny Christian for eight years, has enjoyed a very successful run at Destiny Christian going 74-12 in the past seven seasons with six HCAA championships.

“I have always wanted to coach and I knew teaching would be the best way for that dream to come true,” Biddle said.

Biddle is also a higher math teacher for the school. His goal in coaching and teaching students isn’t just to make himself better but others.

“Being able to affect young student athletes and helping them turn into great people as a whole. To teach them how to carry integrity into every aspect of their lives,” said Biddle.

Biddle believed the Southern Nazarene University masters program in Leadership was perfect for him and his schedule.

 “I decided to get my masters at SNU because I want to advance in the school system and because the schedule fit my work schedule. Every Wednesday night made it where I did not have to change my busy schedule to accomplish my desire,” said Biddle.

With the great masters leadership program at SNU and Biddle’s hard work, he now has the opportunity to become an Athletic Director or a Principal. Achieving this has been a long time goal for Mr. Biddle.

Biddle thinks the SNU masters program can benefit everyone.

“I would recommend the program to others and in fact I have. The program is there to make sure anyone can be successful and to build relationships in a common field. Networking is another great aspect of the program,” he said.

One of the enjoyments of Biddle’s job has been learning the ins and outs of the school and sports programs.

Before becoming an educator, Biddle was a high school student at Sequoyah Claremore then went on to Langston University.

With everything Biddle has to go through, he manages to keep his priorities straight.

“My spare time is devoted to my family I have a 6 o’clock rule after that time on the weeknights I will not answer your text or call it is my family time. The weekends, it better be an emergency cause I am not answering. I truly believe to be the best at my profession, My God comes first, my family (wife, kids, and players) second, and then my career.” Biddle said.