Edmond Santa Fe’s Jase White – Baseball Catcher Spotlight Presented by Just Block It Catchers Camp

By Derrick Smith

Being physically tough is one aspect of being an athlete that is important. But that is not the only thing that makes an athlete great. Jase White says that there is another area that is just as important and it is something he is working on.

“It has taken hard work and dedication to get where I am today,” he said. “I think one big thing that I am trying to work on as I mature is my mental approach to handling everything.”

White is a sophomore at Edmond Santa Fe High School. He plays catcher for the Wolves baseball team. He began playing baseball at around three years old and has played and loved the game since.

There have been a lot of people that have made impacts on Jase’s life, but there is one person who has made the biggest impact in regards to baseball.

“I have many role models,” he said. “But I really look up to Coach Phil. He has seen me at many Santa Fe camps since I was little and had a chance to mentor me from a very young age.”

The biggest moment of his baseball career came during his freshman season.

“I hit a go-ahead RBI in the regional finals versus Edmond North,” he stated. “It was amazing to be a freshman and be able to contribute in such an important game.”

White is thankful for all of the teachers he has had throughout his educational career, but says that his math teacher taught him some things that he will never forget.

“I think Mrs. Brune would have to be my favorite teacher,” he said. “She taught me that life is not fair. You have to work hard and no one will just give you anything or owes you anything. I will always remember that lesson.”

Entering this season, Jase says he is ready no matter what may come.

“I do have a lot on my shoulders for my sophomore season, but I am excited for the challenge and excited for the season to start to get back out there with my boys.”