Choctaw’s Mackenzie O’Hagan – Character Counts Presented by Eskridge Honda

By Derrick Smith

The title of character athlete is one that has to be earned, not just by your play on the field, but also by your actions off of the field as well. Mackenzie O’Hagan knows what it means to her.

“I feel that being a character athlete means having good integrity on and off the court,” she said. “It also means being a positive leader but also being competitive and having the will to win.”

O’Hagan is a senior at Choctaw High School, where she is a member of the volleyball team. She has played volleyball for the school for six years and has been part of a club team for two years. For the Lady Yellowjackets, she currently plays defensive specialist, but she can play all around and hit as well.

There are people in Mackenzie’s life that she looks up to, but there is one person that is the biggest influence on her life.

“My mom is my biggest role model,” she said. “She has always shown me how to treat others with respect and to never give up. Her goal is to help anyone who needs it, without making a big deal out of it. She a very positive person and let’s nothing bring her down. My mom, who is beautiful inside and out, has shown me what it takes to become successful.”

Mackenzie’s Bio-Med teacher, Paula Sendall, has had the biggest impact on her in the classroom.

“She has taught me more than just science,” she said. “She has taught me that you may go through some tough times, but you can get through them.”

Success is not something that is easily achieved. O’Hagan says it has taken a lot to get where she is today.

“It has taken lots of effort, time, and determination to get better each and every day.”

Outside of volleyball, Mackenzie is also involved with Leadership, National Honor Society, and Girl of the Month for the Choctaw Nicoma Park Women’s Business Club. After graduation, she plans to attend college to become an architectural engineer.