Carl Albert’s David Peters – Character Counts Presented by Eskridge Honda

By John Tranchina

David Peters focused on what he needed to work on, and after concentrating on those weaker areas, has demonstrated steady improvement, both on and off the football field.

The Carl Albert middle linebacker recognized that as a senior, he would be counted upon this season for leadership, and took some steps to get better in that area during the off-season. He also zeroed in on enhancing his abilities on the field.

“Mostly, it’s been weight training, weight gain and strength, trying to work on footwork,” Peters said. “And I read a couple of books on leadership, to make my team better. It really enlightened me on how to lead, it really just focused on vocally leading and motivating my team. The book shows me my weaknesses, so I tried to work on that in the summer and off-season, to really excel during the regular season.

“I’m not very good at motivating by speaking, I always just try to lead by example and just hope that they follow my lead and do the right thing, if I do the right thing.”

He also identified another area he wanted to improve in and that led him to join the Carl Albert swim team last winter, participating in the 50 and 100-yard freestyle races.

“My first year was last year, just to keep in shape for football,” Peters said. “I heard it was really good for my metabolic rate, so I just did swimming. My stamina went up tremendously. The coaches were amazing, they helped me through it.”

Following the example of Peters’ impressive work ethic, it’s amazing just how successful the Titans have been on the gridiron. Following a 40-13 win over Shawnee on Sept. 20, Carl Albert, the No. 1 ranked team in Class 5A in the state, boasted an unbelievable 39-game winning streak. The Titans, 3-0 this season, have also won three consecutive state championships, meaning Peters has never witnessed a season-ending defeat during his time in high school.

“It felt amazing, it just felt like a great shoulder was lifted off,” he said of claiming the 5A state title again last December. “And then the next day after, it just felt like we had to do it again and put in more work, just go out there with my brothers and play on that field. It felt amazing.”

As impressive as the Titans’ dominance has been over the past four years, Peters acknowledged that there is some pressure to keep the lengthy winning streak going, but their approach is to just go day by day.

“Of course, there’s always pressure, the next year always gets harder,” Peters said. “(Opponents) always try to look for us and try to beat us, so there’s always more pressure to keep the streak. We just go one week at a time, just to get through each week, each practice every day, each rep, just to get better.”

Peters himself is a good example of that mindset.