Bridge Creek’s Jason Linn – Character Counts Presented by Eskridge Honda

By Ryan Stone

Jason Linn is a sophomore football player for the Bridge Creek Bobcats. Linn currently switches in at quarterback every two drives with senior Dominick Baez and sees time at wide receiver.

At quarterback Linn has a big and strong arm. He also has good form and has been working with a trainer for the last five years. Linn’s play at quarterback ahs helped Bridge Creek start the season at 1-1. In the opener he rushed for two touchdowns including a 55 yarder and in the second he passed for two touchdowns, one for 75 yards.

One place that Linn’s character really shows is how he’s handled alternating at quarterback.

“I would love to play more quarterback, but I respect that Dominick is a senior and has earned this opportunity, so right now I’m just waiting for my chance to lead the team. Character to me is who you are to your inner self and not necessarily just what others see. To me it’s when no ones watching you hold yourself to the highest possible standard and do what’s right,” said Linn.

With Linn at quarterback him and his teammates think the future is bright for Bridge Creek.

“I think this is going to be our best season in years,” said Linn, “last year was really rough because of all of the injuries, but I have really high hopes and next year and I think we’ll really have a good year with a lot of our underclassmen rising up.”

When he’s not playing football Lin also wrestles and plays baseball for the Bobcats. He’s also an A student in the classroom and is really involved in his church youth group, even traveling to Africa on a mission trip.