Tecumseh Savages: OKC Area Cheer Team Spotlight – Presented by Harley Davidson World

By Derrick Smith

Whether it is at a Friday night football game or a basketball game against a rival team, cheerleaders are there to get the crowd hyped and also to be a support for the team. But one thing they are also doing is being a role model for a younger generation.

“One of our favorite things to do each year is the cheer clinic for the young cheerleaders,” said Tracey Forrester, head coach of the Tecumseh High School cheer team. “We have a clinic for football and one for basketball. We have had as many as 64 little cheerleaders at a time.  There is nothing like bringing in all those young, excited girls and fostering their love for cheerleading.  They think the high school girls are rock stars, and the older girls get to instill their passion into the next generation.”

Cheer team member, Aftyn Edmonson, says that even though the team may not always agree, they do come together and get the job done. 

“I enjoy that we work together even if we don’t agree on everything,” she said. “When we get upset we work even harder.  We take in criticism and bend it to our advantage, and we work our hardest to get better.  We work through the sweat and tears to create something bigger than ourselves and do our best to put on the best show we can.”

The diversity is what makes them a strong team, according to Forrester. 

“We have a very large varsity squad this year, we have thirty girls,” she stated. “We also have eleven freshman cheerleaders. We have girls who have cheered since little league and others who have never cheered before in their lives. They have learned to come together as a cohesive group and work to make each other stronger.  We try to foster the leader aspect of cheerleading both on and off the field or court. It is fun to watch the girl who comes in quiet and shy and then grows and learns to become a strong leader.”

Kali Armstrong says that she could not ask for a better team to cheer with. 

“Our team this year is amazing,” she said. “We work hard for what we want and we have become such a family. They are my ride or die.”