SW Covenant’s Macie Noland – Volleyball Spotlight Presented by Harley-Davidson World

By Derrick Smith

Family usually plays an important role in an athlete’s life, no matter what level they are playing at. They are a support system, sounding board, and sometimes a ride home from the game. For Macie Noland, Her parents have been key in making her who she is today.

“My mom and dad are definitely my biggest influences,” she said. “My mom has always made sure that I am able to participate in all of the sports that I want to. She sacrificed so much of her time to take me to club volleyball practices and tournaments before I got my license and now she is always at my games to cheer me on. My dad has always been my biggest cheerleader by also always going to my games and providing me with valuable advice since he also was an athlete in high school.”

Macie is a senior at Southwest Covenant School, where she has attended since the first grade. She is a member of the school’s volleyball and basketball teams. While she loves sports, Noland also enjoys being involved in art.

The teachers at Southwest Covenant have made an impact on Macie’s life. 

“I love all of my teachers,” she stated. “They are all so supportive and all of them would be willing to help me with anything I need.”

The road to get where she is today has not been an easy one. Macie says that it has required a lot of time and hard work. 

“I have worked super hard to be successful in volleyball. I play volleyball year round by playing club volleyball at Charge and I play beach volleyball in the summers at OP2. I also did strength training at my school this past summer.”

Noland says that the highlight of her career was during a playoff match last season. 

“My highlight moment would have to be winning Regionals last season,” she stated. “We finished playing at 11:00PM after a set to five against Sequoyah-Tahlequah. We played so hard and persevered the entire time.”