Putnam City’s Jackie Stevens – Southern Nazarene University Leadership Program

By Ryan Stone 

Jackie Stevens is a current student in the Southern Nazarene Leadership Masters Program. Stevens did her undergrad at SNU and was a star on the track team.

Stevens was an All-American during her senior season in 2013. She was a seven-time national qualifier and has the school records for the weight throw, hammer throw and javelin.

Before SNU she went to Putnam City High School where she won the State Championship in shotput and played softball. Her ties to Northwest Oklahoma City have kept her close through college and she now teaches at Putnam City.

“I love the people I work with and the kids. I enjoy working with teachers I learned from and coaches I played for. Now I get to help shape our youth and pour into the community,” said Stevens.

Jackie also chose the Leadership program at SNU because of proximity and because of the strength competitions she competes in.

“It’s only one night a week so it’s convenient,” said Stevens, “I do a lot of strength competitions and training, so I spend a lot of time in the gym and this allows me to still do that. I like that it’s one course at a time for six weeks and it’s with the same people. It’s built out for me; I know some people at other schools must figure out their schedules and this takes a lot of the planning away.”

In fact, Stevens now holds the women’s state record for the United States Powerlifters Association after squatting 455 pounds, deadlifting 435 and benching 215.

Stevens has big plans after she completes the leadership program.

“I plan on going the administration route after graduation, I haven’t decided when, but right now I plan on staying in the classroom and helping in the building. I do want to be a vice principal at some point and possibly a principal,” said Stevens.