Edmond Santa Fe Wolves Cheer Spotlight – Presented by Iron Nation Harley-Davidson

By Derrick Smith

The Edmond Santa Fe cheer squad is a team full of positivity and continued improvement, according to head coach Kimberly Miller. 

“We are in a very competitive 6A class and Santa Fe cheerleaders are always positive and driven to succeed and improve,” Miller said. “They are not quitters and stay the course.  I admire their tenacity and how they manage to still have fun and remain positive through all the challenges.”

Kiera Lee says being part of the Edmond Santa Fe cheer team has helped her make many memories. 

“I enjoy a lot of things about cheering,” she said. “But the thing i look forward to is cheering for the boys on sideline and making memories with my friends. I love my team because we can always make a bad time a good time by just making silly jokes and messing around when we can.”

Miller says that she is thankful for the support that her team receives. 

“This is the second year in a row that we have been voted Edmond Area Most Outstanding Cheer Team. We are thankful to our parents and our community for showing their support.”

The team being a support system is what Alaysia Wilson appreciates most. 

“I enjoy the positive energy and support I get from my teammates inside and outside the cheer doors. Their support is one thing I can count on especially when times get rough.”

The team does more than just cheer together, they are also able to bond and become closer doing team fundraisers together. Some of what they have done are food nights, car washes, and car hopping at Sonic. They also have team sleepovers, as well as bigs and littles, so they can get to know someone that is outside of their friend group.

Santa Fe cheerleader, Hanah Douglas, says that she really enjoys the camaraderie between the team and how every works so well together. 

“What I most enjoy about my team is that we get along with each other and we have so much fun together,” she said. “Whether that is getting ready for a game, going to eat after a game, or simply just being in class together. You will never walk into class and not hear us laughing with each other.”