Edmond Memorial’s Regan Pendleton – Volleyball Spotlight Presented by Iron Nation Harley-Davidson

By Derrick Smith

It takes a lot to become a successful athlete. Practice, hard work, time, and sacrifice are all required, but sometimes it also takes help from others. And that is what Regan Pendleton attributes part of her success to. 

“Having really good club volleyball coaches has definitely helped me as a player,” she said. “Also having amazing teammates during club volleyball and school volleyball that have always pushed me to become a better player and have always pushed me to work hard and be the best that I can be.”

Regan is a senior at Edmond Memorial HIgh School, where she plays volleyball. She has played volleyball for about ten years. Outside of volleyball, she is also involved with DECA. 

There are two people in her life that Pendleton look up to as role models for her life. 

“It would definitely have to be my parents,” she stated. “They are really good people who would do anything for me. And they are my biggest fans and supporters.”

Regan says that Kim Walters, Marketing and DECA teacher, is her favorite teacher. 

“She is a really great teacher that has taught me so many life lessons. I enjoy being in her class.”

The highlight moment of her career came during the State tournament last season. 

“We swept our rival in the first round of the tournament,” Regan said. “It was an amazing atmosphere. The student section was so loud cheering us on.”

Before the season began, Pendleton was already confident in her and her teammates’ abilities. 

“Our team is filled with so much talent this year. It is going to be a fun year,” she said.