Crooked Oak’s April Nichols-Dwyer – Mom of the Month Presented by Dr. Carl Nyberg, INTEGRIS Family Care Southwest

By Derrick Smith

April Nichols-Dwyer is an Encumbrance Clerk for Crooked Oak Public Schools. When she has free time, she enjoys coaching cheer, running, and quilting. And while her children are young, she still enjoys being part of their lives. 

“My daughter, Adylin is eight years old,” she said. “She plays soccer and cheers in Harrah. My son, David, is four years old and aspires to play softball, but he currently prides himself in being the Harrah Cheer bodyguard. There is nothing that makes me more proud than going to their practices or seeing them be successful.”

April has another group of kids that she claims and enjoys being a part of their lives also.

“My ‘school kids’ as I call them are all the kids at Crooked Oak,” she stated proudly. “My years here have shown me that the school district lacks some parent involvement that I have seen in other districts just simply because the families are working so hard to provide for their families the basic necessities. I do anything I can on my own time to help these children find success on the field.”

April feels that sports make a positive impact on kids’ lives and are vital to their success. 

“I really believe sports help make kids teachable. Teachable kids make teachable adults. Plain and simple. Giving our kids discipline through play can change their lives and make them into wonderful humans.”

She says while the Crooked Oak school sits in the middle of a big city, she loves the atmosphere throughout the district. 

“I love that our kids have big hearts and are so kind,” she said. “And even though we are in the middle of Oklahoma City we are our own small district and have a small town feel. I am proud to call myself a Ruf-Nex.”