Mustang’s Keisha Conrad: Mom of the Month – Presented by Dr. P. Scott Williams, INTEGRIS Family Care Mustang

By Derrick Smith 

Keisha Conrad loves that her children are active in sports and enjoys to go and watch them compete. But, more importantly, she wants to make sure that they have their priorities right.

“Our household is set up as God first, academics second, and then sports,” she said. “We try to make sure they know and walk in their faith and that an education is extremely important. Then we have sports, which we consider to be very important as well in our family not just for the physical/active healthy side of playing a sport, but all the other things it teaches too, like the life lessons, teamwork, character and friendships you make, and rewards are earned not given.”

Conrad, who is the Mustang Mom of the Month, has four children in the Mustang school system. Hayden is a senior, Hudson is a freshman, Henley is in the sixth grade, and Holden is in the third grade. Keisha is no stranger to Mustang Public Schools. She is a 1991 graduate of the school. While she did not play sports, she was a matmaid for the wrestling team.

When she is not watching her children play sports, Keisha works a full time job. She is a Construction Lending Administrative Assistant at The First State Bank. She also serves as the secretary of the Mustang Touchdown Club Board, a position she has held for three years.

Having four athletes in the house can make things a little hectic and busy, but Conrad has a rule for her kids that help to make things more manageable. “We only allow each one to play one sport a season because we try to be at every one of their games.  Sometimes we have to divide and conquer, but we always try to have someone there so they know they are supported.”

Conrad says that she loves the town of Mustang and loves that they are raising their children there too. “I have lived in Mustang my whole life. We have had great luck in the schools and teachers that our children have had.  We truly feel like our kids are safe.  This community is growing very rapidly, but even with the growth of the school and town, it still feels like a small hometown.  Every time I go to the store or just to pick up food I always see people I know, which I think is great.  It is a town that if someone is in need, there are always so many people willing to help. I love that on Friday nights you can go to the high school football games and it seems like the whole town is there.  It is just a great feeling to know that no matter how big we get it still feels like it remains the same.”