Deer Creek’s Lori Ritz: Mom of the Month – Presented by Dr. Louise Vo, INTEGRIS Family Care Memorial West

Lori Ritz has been involved with her kids activities since they were young enough to compete. But her involvement started before they stepped foot info high school or junior high and now she serves as booster club president.

“I’ve always been involved in volunteering with my kids schools, from PTO in elementary. That rolled over to getting involved in the DCHS softball Booster program. I really love serving others. I get to be involved raising money for our team, and being able to give back to our coaches and team really does make me happy,” said Ritz. “We have always had great parent involvement. Being the Booster President really is just keeping everyone on the same page and letting everyone know where help is needed. Everyone pitches in and makes our program a success. Couldn’t do it with out all of our parents help.”

Daughter Terin is a junior at Deer Creek High School and a member of the varsity softball team. Ritz also has a son who is a freshman and plays lacrosse and run track. Her oldest daughter is a junior at UCO and plays softball.

Watching her children compete is something Ritz has always enjoyed.

“Watching my daughter compete at DC is a great experience. We have an amazing head coach that has done great things with the program and I’m excited each year to watch her enthusiasm and love of the game pour in to our team. We have a great coaching staff that put in a lot of their free time making sure everything is ready to go for the season! Couldn’t ask for a better coaching staff,” said Ritz.

Originally from a small community herself, Ritz wanted her kids to experience a school that had the small town feel to it. The community of Deer Creek was a perfect fit.

“Deer Creek has been a great community. We moved here when our oldest was in second grade. It’s a large school system but a small town community feel. My husband and I went to Weatherford High School and wanted the same atmosphere for our kids. Obviously Deer Creek has grown, but I think we still have the same vibe as a small community and I love that,” said Ritz.

Even though she rarely has free time for other things, when she does, Ritz enjoys cooking for others and spending time with family and friends.