Crooked Oak’s Andres Fuentes – Character Counts Presented by Eskridge Honda



Recently graduated from the Crooked Oak High School class of 2019, Andres Fuentes now has to pass down his uniform to the soccer team’s next goalkeeper. Fuentes has played soccer for over a decade of his life and has loved getting to represent his high school on the field. He can leave Crooked Oak with his chin up, proud of his senior season.

“My final season in high school was, for me, a good season even though we didn’t make it to the finals,” he said. “We made it to the semi finals again and it’s something I’m proud of.”

Over the years Fuentes has been driven by his love for the game, saying, “It’s a beautiful sport.” He also sets high goals for himself and works to reach them, wanting to become a great goalie and a better person through his efforts on the field. He admires another player for his work ethic, and strives to follow in his footsteps.

“I look up to Keylor Navas, he is one of the best goalkeepers in the world,” said Fuentes. “He started out small but through his practices he became noticed and started playing in Spain for big teams. I look up to him because he did anything to get to where he is and so will I.”

Fuentes said that one of the best parts of competing for his high school was getting to meet other great players around the community. He leaves some advice with his teammates who will continue to lead the team next year.

“I would tell them never give up, because giving up is your weakness and at CO we never give up, we fight till the end no matter what,” he said.

Fuentes’ future plans are to attend college, study engineering, and continue playing soccer with his sights set on the professional level.