Putnam City’s Eddie Wright & Southern Nazarene Sports Management and Administration Program

Coach Eddie Wright has called Putnam City High School home for several years. The 14-year head coach of the boys soccer team recently made the decision to continue his education in the Sport Management and Administration Master’s Degree Program at Southern Nazarene University. 

“Initially I wanted to become a better athletic director. However, after finishing the program I have realized that there are so many opportunities for me to pursue in sport. I am still going to stay as committed as ever to Putnam City High School, but I am not closing any doors if opportunities present themselves,” said Wright. 

Wright said he enjoyed the program because of the relationships he was able to build with other peers in his profession. 

“My classmates and I had the opportunity to be together in class 4 hours every Wednesday night. The things that I learned from my classmates were just as valuable as the curriculum,” said Wright. 

Continuing his education at SNU was an easy decision for coach Wright. As a coach, he feels it is necessary if you are going to give your students the best possible experience. 

“Never stop learning. Our students and athletes deserve that from us as coaches. Anything that I can do to contribute to the success of my players is important to me. Continued education is the vehicle that drives that,” Wright said. 

The program is designed to fit the busy schedules of coaches and educators. Wright stated the course was well worth it and anyone looking to continue their education should consider SNU. 

“The flexibility of the professors, the pedigree of the professors, and the relationships built within the program are priceless,” said Wright. 

Like most coaches, Wright was influenced by other educators, coaches and peers, which made the decision to become a coach and educator the right one for him. 

“My leadership director, Sara Kersey was a huge influence on me. She showed me what it meant to be dedicated to students, not just their education, but truly invest in them as people,” Wright said. “Coaches such as Mark Little, Mike Hardesty, and Eric Gibson have shown me what true work ethic looks like, and I have modeled myself after their leadership.”