Piedmont’s Moises Valdez – Canadian Valley Technology Center Student Spotlight

Piedmont High School senior Moises Valdez was recently named the Student of the Year in Computer Programming at Canadian Valley Technology Center. The honor comes as Valdez is preparing to graduate and take his talents to the next level. 

“Being named Student of the Year is a huge accomplishment for me. I feel passionate to go to school every day. Because of CV Tech and I’m truly blessed to have had such an impact at the school,” said Valdez. 

As a student at Piedmont High School and CV Tech, Valdez is a two-time recipient of National Technical Honor Society accolades and has competed at a high level for a couple of years. 

“I did participate in the BPA SLC in March. I was a Campaign Manager for my friend Sean and a voting delegate. I did participate in two competitions as well,” said Valdez. 

He also enjoys other activities at PHS. 

“I enjoy the Duck Week Charity Week that our school does every year. I loved participating in the Duck Week Talent Show in 2017 and 2018,” he said. 

As a student at CV Tech, Valdez is enrolled in the Computer Programming class and has made the most of every opportunity the course and campus has given him. 

“I’ve learned many things at this campus. One of the big things is you get what you give. How much work you put into a certification or degree will determine whether or not you actually accomplish that goal. Spending time outside of the classroom has many benefits and that success favors the prepared,” said Valdez. “I used to be heavily involved with National Honor Society and Key Club at Piedmont. Currently I’m involved with National Technical Honor Society and BPA at CV Tech. I don’t play any sports at Piedmont, but I do run quite a bit on my free time!” 

The running will pay off as Valdez prepares to leave for basic training very soon. 

“In August I leave for basic training with the National Guard. Once I come back in December I will be enrolling in Spring classes at Southwestern Oklahoma State University while pursuing Business and Computer Science,” Valdez said. 

His advice to students looking to get more from their education before graduating college is to get involved. 

“There are so many benefits to getting involved with Student Organizations, it can sometimes be overwhelming. It takes you out of that classroom environment and helps you to grow and mature. CV Tech teaches you hands on skills that can help guide you through college. I have friends who already have jobs in their desired field and had it not been for the military, I would probably already be working at Dell. You make a lot of connections here and the Instructors have endless valuable advice. All you have to do is listen,” said Valdez.