Mustang’s Eric Hotwagner – Athlete of the Month Presented by Excel Therapy

Mustang High School varsity soccer player Eric Hotwagner helped his team to a semifinal appearance in the Class 6A state soccer tournament. The run was historic for the boys program at MHS. 

“This season for us as a whole was great, we made history again by hosting a semifinal game for the first time boys soccer history. Though we didn’t get the result that we wanted in that game, we have to take pride in the fact that we made it that far, and hopefully build off that for next season,” said Hotwagner. 

Hotwagner said his teammates are more like family. “What I love most about my team and teammates is that we are brothers on and off the field. If someone has a problem You can go to someone on the team and they will try to help you with that problem. Words can’t describe the love I have for them, these three years have been the best moments of my life so far, and I still have one more year to make a lot more memories,” said Hotwagner. “What I love most about being a student athlete at Mustang High School is sports are a big thing here and they matter to a lot of people not just at the school but in the community. Soccer these three seasons I have played here the atmosphere at the stadium is amazing, every season the number of fans increase which is great for the sport. This season we had an official student section which just amplified the atmosphere even more and made it even more enjoyable to play in. That atmosphere is what gives us an advantage when we are at home.” 

His passion for the game started at a young age. 

“When I was little I was a ball boy for the high school boys game and from that point on I wanted to be on that field and be like them, and it happened. I don’t take this for granted, you can say, I wanted it, so I made it happen. It means so much to me that I’m on the team. This just shows myself that if I set a goal I can accomplish it,” said Hotwagner. 

Hotwagner has played soccer since he was four and played defensive midfielder for Mustang this season. His work ethic not only shows up on the field, but in the classroom. He is a member of National Honor Society and takes his grades very serious. 

“Academics are very important to me not only for the grade but to play soccer for the high school. My coaches are very strict about the teams grades and that keeps me motivated to keep my grades up so that I can play on Friday and Tuesday nights,” said Hotwagner. 

In his free time, Hotwagner enjoys hanging out with his brothers from the team, playing video games or basketball at the park. 

“I like to make art (wood burning, spray paint art). I also like to woodwork and cook,” said Hotwagner. 

His future plans include graduating and moving on to college where he plans to play soccer collegiately.