Deer Creek’s Cali Dorman – Girls Track Poll Winner Presented by Iron Nation Harley-Davidson

Cali Dorman just finished her sophomore season running track for Deer Creek High School. She started in seventh grade, and this year was her fourth year in track. Running has always been a love of Dorman’s.

“What first got me interested in track is when I was little everyone told me I was fast, and I was,” she said. “I would run all the races in elementary school and play all the running games, and I loved to run. I also watched the Olympics and I thought running was so cool!”

This season Dorman’s main events were the 4×100 meter relay, the 4×200 meter relay, the 4×400 meter relay and the 400 meter dash. She has worked very hard to improve her times and exceed her goals this season.

“This season was amazing! I have improved so much from last year,” she said. “Last year I was on varsity but I was bottom varsity. This year I am the fastest on the team in the 400 and 200. My time in the 400 went from a 70 to a 59. I have worked so hard this year and I’ve been pushing so much harder for the goals I had set.”

Dorman also joined the cross country team this year. She enjoys being able to participate in DC Antlers athletics because of the team comradery.

“The thing I like most about competing for my high school team is the feeling of unity after you win,” she said.

Dorman strives to make those around her proud by the way she competes in sports. She also stays motivated by keeping her future goals in mind.

“In athletics I try to be the best to make my family and my coaches proud,” she said. “I also want a scholarship and if I’m gonna make that happen I need to work the hardest I ever have. Outside of sports I try and be the best friend and student I can be, I have enrolled in AP classes next year. Manners are very important to me, I want people to meet me and think I am a respectful and polite young woman.”

After high school Dorman hopes to attend college on a track scholarship and is interested in studying criminal justice, psychology, or English.