Bridge Creek’s Kolton Smith – Oklahoma Army National Guard Athlete of the Month

Kolton Smith is a varsity wrestler at Bridge Creek High School. This was a great season for Smith and his teammates.

“The thing I love most is we are able to have a great time while we work incredibly hard. We go through the same pain, and with that pain we mold into a family,” said Smith. 

This season Smith wrestled to a state championship, while other teammates enjoyed similar success.

“This season was the best for both me and the wrestling program. We qualified 10 wrestlers beating the previous record of nine. I finished as the first state champion in the wrestling program history. My drill partner Kolby DePron also finished as a state champion, and my brother Kaden Smith finishing third,” said Smith. “Having the opportunity to be both a wrestler and a student. With this ability I was able to reach my goal as a state champ and graduate with honors, being a salutatorian is what I love most about BCHS.” 

Being a member of the team is something special to Smith. 

“It gives me a sense of pride, and enjoyment to be able to be successful while representing BCHS,” said Smith. 

Smith plans to join the National Guard after graduation. 

“My plans are to get a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn certain skills and serve my country. They will send me to college and allow me to further my education,” said Smith. “I will be a 12R, which is an interior electrician. It was the best fit for me and my family both financially and for my future.”

Smith will leave in June for Fort Leonard Wood to attend basic training. 

“I love going to the lake and hanging out with my friends,” said Smith.