Edmond Santa Fe’s Raimie Rasmussen – Character Counts Presented by Eskridge Honda



By John Tranchina

Even though Raimie Rasmussen’s days as an actual athlete came to an end sooner than she would have liked, she found a unique way to stay heavily involved in the sports programs at Edmond Santa Fe High School.

The senior is completing her fourth year as an athletic trainer at the school, and her second as the President of Santa Fe’s Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) chapter. She was recently named an FCA All-State recipient.

“I did tennis in middle school, and since I had a knee injury, I had to stop that, and then I did cheer and got concussions,” Rasmussen said. “I got a lot of injuries and I had that over my whole sports career, and I kind of got interested in how the people were helping me. And I figured since I wasn’t able to do sports any more, I would get involved with this, so I could stay involved with sports and still be helping the athletes and stuff like that.”

Rasmussen served as the athletic trainer for Edmond Santa Fe football, basketball, baseball and track, running out onto the field to help out any injured players, helping tape up ankles and such, as well as helping the players rehab any injuries afterwards.

“Basically, all they teach us is CPR and how to tape ankles to prevent, and how to do rehab to help heal injuries,” said Rasmussen, who is graduating as Santa Fe’s valedictorian with AP Scholar distinction. “There’s only so much we can do as students, since we have a certified trainer ahead of us.”

As for her involvement with FCA, Rasmussen has always had a connection to it, including her older brother preceding her as Santa Fe’s FCA President.

“I went to the middle school camp as soon as I could, and that’s kind of where I was saved and came to Christ, and so I stayed in the organization,” Rasmussen said. “And once I got into high school, I was in it, my brother was the President, so I was in the huddle at our school. I went to the high school camp, and then once my brother graduated, I’ve been president for the past two years of my school huddle. My whole family has always been involved in the organization.”

It’s something that she feels passionately about and an association that she feels has greatly benefited her life.

“I enjoy it because I think it reaches kids that weren’t raised in a church home or maybe don’t have a church to go to, and me as well,” said Rasumssen, who is also a member of the National Honors Society, the Spanish Honor Society, and served as a freshman mentor at Edmond Santa Fe. “It kind of helps you apply Christ and your faith to the sports that you play, and how to be a leader and how to just glorify God in everything that you do, even your sport. That’s probably why I enjoy it so much.”

Rasmussen will be attending the University of Central Oklahoma (UCO) next year, but perhaps surprisingly, will not be going into the medical field.

“I was initially, but I decided to do criminal psychology next year,” she said.