Tecumseh’s Chase Chester – Character Counts Presented by Eskridge Honda



By John Tranchina

It was a difficult senior year for Chase Chester as far as cross country and track are concerned, but he did enjoy service as the President of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) at Tecumseh High School during that time.

Chester enjoyed his role as part of the FCA leadership group.

“At Tecumseh, instead of having a president, we have leadership, so I kind of just took over the role as the main high school leader of it,” said Chester, who is also a member of the National Honors Society and carried a 4.0 GPA. “At our meetings, we usually play a game and sometimes we’ll have a speaker or just the coach will speak, or I’ll speak sometimes. Pretty much every week, I’ve consulted with the coach to see what our plans our, I’ve helped input, I’ve gotten speakers from all over the state to come. We focus on just talking about Jesus and making sure it’s kind of relevant towards our lives currently.”

Chester, who was recently named FCA All-State, always knew he was destined to be a part of the FCA, since well before he got to high school.

“I grew up in church, and when my mom was in high school, she was president of FCA, so when I got to high school, it was kind of a given that I was going to be in there,” Chester said. “My middle school track coach was actually the leader of it, so every day, he would talk about that. He really started talking to me once I got into high school, so that’s how I got involved. I started going every single week and just the community around there was what kept me going.”
As for his year athletically, Chester suffered a sprained ankle back in October, and that derailed not only the rest of his and possibly the team’s cross country season, it also negatively impacted his track performance. In track, Chester participates in the 1600, 3200 and the 4×800 relay.

“I ended up spraining my ankle the week before (cross country) regionals,” said Chester, who served as team captain in both cross country and track. “We had a good chance of qualifying (for state) this year and that kind of threw it out the window. I tried to work back from it, but I was so far behind, because it took me like two months to fully recover, so when it came to track season, I was little behind where everyone else was. I was better last year. I got sick, I got hurt, it was just not the best year for me.”

Next year, Chester plans to attend Oklahoma Baptist University, where he’ll be a double major in social entrepreneurship and biblical studies.

“Chase is a young man of the highest moral character,” said Tecumseh track and cross country coach Kortney Ozment. “I have had the privilege of coaching him for four years in track, two years in cross country, and he was a student in my Trigonometrics class. I have had the opportunity to observe his academic achievement, integrity, dedication, and motivation. Chase was the team captain for track and cross country. He leads by example. He strives to do his best and encourages others to do the same. He does not accept mediocrity from anything that he is associated with. He is a rare jewel in this world.”